Our class trip to Helgoland


On Wednesday, the 1st of November, we met at the boat at 9:30 in the morning. We were so nervous. The departure was at a quarter past ten. We ate some fries and drank some coke on the ship. We also played a game there. We arrived at Helgoland at 12:30.

On the first day we started to do a rally around the island. In the evening we had a tour of the bunker. It was so dark there. Luckily, there was some light in the bunker.

The tour was not the only special event. The best thing was the night walk because we saw a seal. It was really cute.

We also went shopping on our last day before we went back to Cuxhaven by ferry. The weather was ok, but the sea was rough and some of us got seasick.

All in all, the class trip was cool.


text written by Ida, Lilly, Leni and Thelka

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